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Related article: 476 BAILYS MAGAZINE. (Juke after a brief illness. Mr. Widger was the eldest of the brothers who * have been identified with racing for many years, and the Victory of Wild Man from Borneo in the Grand National of 1895 may be men- tioned as one of their greatest successes. The race from London to Brighton organised by the Order Mirtazapine South London Harriers on May 6th, was very successful. The winner, F. D. Randall, Finchley Har- riers, covered the distance in 6 hrs. 58 min. 18 sees., W. Saward, of the Essex Beagles, being second, in 7 hrs. 17 min. 50 sees. This is the first race of 50 miles or more since J. £. Dixon estab- lished the existing record of 6 hrs. 18 min. 26 sees, at Balham in 1885. The death of Mr. Tom Nickalls occurred at his residence, Pattison Court, Redhill, on May 10th, at the age of seventy-one years. Mr. Nickalls was for many years Master of the Surrey Slaghounds, which he took over in 1878. Himself a sculler 30 Mg Mirtazapine of some celebrity, as far back as 1856, Mr. Nickalls was the father of the two famous rowing men, Vivian and Guy. Mr. H. L. Raphael died suddenly at Newmarket on May nth at the age of seventy years. Although Mr. Raphael only registered his colours in 1896 Buy Mirtazapine Online they were soon carried to the front by Amurath by Janissary out of Lady kin. Mr. W. Cooper's Newhaven II., winner of the City and Suburban (about one mile and a quarter), covered the course in 2 min. 18 sees., the value of the stakes being 1,665 sovs * * n 1898, when Mr. L. Brassey's Bay Ronald (5 yrs., 8st.), was successful, the time was 2 min. g\ sees. ; in 1897 the Duke of Devonshire's Balsaroo (4 yrs., 7 st. 4 lbs.), covered the course in 2 min. 14 sees. ; and in 1896, 15 Mg Mirtazapine on the oc- casion of Mr. Barnaro's Worcester (6 yrs., 8 st. 12 lb.) winning, the time taken was 2 min. 1 1 sees., the stakes amounting on each occasion to /, 1,665. In .1895 Mr. Mirtazapine 30 Mg T. Cannon's Reminder (4 yrs., 8st. 9lb.), covered the course in 2 min. io£ sees., and credited his owner with ^1,435. The famous old brood mare, Lily Agnes, dam of Ormonde, having recently become very infirm, has been destroyed at the Eaton Stud, of which establishment, says the Sportsman, she was for many yeaxs the greatest ornament. Bred by Mr. Smny in 1871, Lily Agnes went through "her two- year-old season without tasting defeat, and as a three-year-old, she won seven events out of ten, Buy Cheap Mirtazapine including such Mirtazapine 45 Mg prizes as the Northumberland Plate and the Doocaster Cup. As a four-year-old Lily Agnes, von eight races, among them the Great Ebor Handicap, and in 1876 she scored twice, leaving off a winner. Altogether she was victorious in 21 races out of 32. She then went to the stud, and after pro- ducing two foals she passed out of Mr. Snarrys possession into that of the Duke of Westminster. In her new home she had ten Mirtazapine 15 foals, of whom incomparably the greatest was Mirtazapine Tablets Ormonde. Her complete stud record is appended : — Bred by Mr. Snarry. 1878.— Ch. c. Narcissus, by Speculum. 1879. — Purchase Mirtazapine Missed to Blue Gown. 1080. — B. f. Eastern Lily, Buy Mirtazapine by Speculum. Bred by the Duke of Westminster. 1881. Ch. c. Rossington, by Doncaster. 1882. Ch. f. Farewell, by Doncaster. 1883. — B. Mirtazapine 45mg c Ormonde, by Bend Or. 1884. — B. f. Welfare, by Doncaster. 1885. — Ch. c Ossory, by Bend Or. 1886.— R L Fleur ae Lys, by Bend Or. 1887. B. Mirtazapine 30 f. Orna- ment, by Bend Or. 1888.— Missed to Bend Or. 1889.— B. c. Arklow, by Bend Or. 1890. — Barren. 1891. — Barren. 1892. —Ch. c Orclio, by Bend Or. 1893. — Slipped foal to Bend Or. 1894. — Ch. c. Mirtazapine Discontinuation Orelio, by Bend Or. 1895. — Not covered the previous season. 1896. — Not covered the previous season. 1897. — Barren to Grey Leg. 1898. — Not covered the previous season. Died in 1894. Captain T. £. Harrison, Mirtazapine Mg who has been master of the East Galway Hounds for five seasons, was recently the recipient of a handsome presentation from the lady mem- bers of the Hunt. The testimonial took the form of a massive silver cup, standing eighteen Mirtazapine Buy inches high, and bears the follow- ing inscription : — " Presented to Captain T. £. Harrison, on the occasion of his resigna- tion of the Mastership of the East Galway Order Mirtazapine Online Hunt, by some of the lady followers." TURF. DERBY. — Spring Meeting. April 14th. — The Doveridge Handicap Stakesof 562 sovs. ; the Straight Mile. Mr. H. F. Clayton's b. m. Kendal Queen, by Kendal — Tournure, aged, 7st. 9lb Luke I Captain Freville Cookson's b.c. Gay Lumley,4yrs.,8st. N.Robinson 2 Mr. Beade's b. f. Misunderstood, 3 yrs., 7st Purkiss 3 100 to 7 agst. Kendal Queen. The Sudbury Stakes of 267 sovs. ; for two-year-olds ; five furlongs. Mr. A. Eccles's bl. Filly by Father Confessor — Lachesis, 8st. 7lb. T. Weldoo 1 Lord Ellesmere's br. f. Leila, 8sU 4lb. Allsopp 2 Lord Lurgan's Amnesty, Sst. 7I0. M. Cannon 3 5 to 4 agst. Lachesis filly SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. 477 April 15th.— The Derbyshire Mirtazapine 30mg Stakes, a High-weight Handicap of 270SOVS. ; about a mile and a half. Major Fenwick's ch. h. Bar ford, by King MonmoutH — Warden Belle, 6 yrs., iost. 31b ..Allsopp 1 Lord Ellesraere's b. c. Ultimatum, 4 yrs., 8st. 11 lb.., S. Loates 2 Lord Penrhyn's b. g. Moralist, 3 yrs., 8st. T. Loates 3 100 to 12 agst. Barford. Mirtazapine 15 Mg The Chaddesden Plate of 225 sovs. ; second Mirtazapine Online receives 20 sovs. ; about six furlongs. Mr. E. C. Clayton's b. or br. h. Sir Michael, by Kendal— Chry- salis, aged, 7st. 51b. ...T. Loates 1 Mr. N. C. Cockburn's b. f. Car- donald, aged, 8st. I2lb. Weldon 2 Mr. Inglis' b. f. Cranborne Chase, 4 yrs., 7st. 81b Segrott 3 5 to 1 agst. Sir Michael. EPSOM.— Spring Meeting. April 18th. — The Great Metropolitan Stakes (Handicap) of 925 sovs. ; for three-year-olds and upwards. Lord Penrhyn's b. c. King's Mes- senger, by King Monmouth — Swiftsure, 4 yrs., 7st. iolb.